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Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy, Inc. presents The 2016 Angat Pilipinas Awards Night

The Angat Pilipinas Awards Night is a celebration of people and for people in the Philippine personal finance, investment, and entrepreneurship arenas. This is where we can focus our spotlight on financial institutions, banks, government units, NGO’s, personal finance bloggers, mentors, coaches, advisors, social media groups, authors, teachers, print and broadcast media – so often the unsung heroes of microeconomic progress and financial literacy movement in the Philippines.

The Angat Pilipinas Awards (APA) will be honoring another batch of financial literacy heroes on its sophomore outing which will take place on September 24, 2016 at The Tent at BGC (Bonifacio Global City) in Taguig City. Register now and be part of APA2016.

To highlight the Awards Night,  the half day of September 24 will be packed with activities.  There will be a specialized workshop with Burn Gutierrez, Mike Grogan, Nathaniel Ginson, Jojy Azurin, Paulo Tibig, Marvin Germo, Rex Mendoza and Randell Tiongson and an expo to cater to the needs of the both Filipinos who are entrepreneurs and those who are interested to be entrepreneurs. Register now and attend the Specialized Workshop, visit this site.

The APA aims to acknowledge that every individual within the personal finance and investment circle is crucial to the overall success of the financial literacy advocacy. The awards were created to recognize excellence and achievement in these various areas.


a. The Finance Blogger of The Year

This award is for the best money blog that showcases excellent and engaging content about personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship, and related contents, judged from viewing the live blog plus supporting entry details.

b. The Influential Author of The Year

This award is for the Filipino book author that most clearly demonstrates overall excellence in his or her knowledge of personal finance and investing.

c. The Institution of The Year

This award is for the Philippine bank, financial institution, pooled fund company, stockbrokerage firm, and similar institutions that support financial literacy in the Philippines.

d. Advocacy Group/Partner of The Year

This award is for the Organization or Group that offers a financial literacy program for Filipinos, though it need not be a financial literacy organization by mission.

e. OFW Advocate of the Year

This award will honor the expat Pinoy who is a personal financial education advocate and has excelled in grassroots financial literacy advocacy among his fellow OFW’s and Filipinos based abroad.



Anyone may nominate a person or organization for the awards. Only one entry shall be accepted from the nomaninating party for each category. The online nomination form may be accessed at the bottom part of this page:

Once the list of qualified nominees is official, public voting for the entries shall be announced.


Nomination Period – March 18, 2016 – July 22, 2016
Voting Period – July 23, 2016 – August 11, 2016
Announcement of Top 5 Finalists for each category – August 12, 2016
Judging Period – August 20, 2016 – September 3, 2016
Announcement of Finalists – September 10, 2016
Awards Night – September 24, 2016


a. Money Blogger of the Year


The nominees for the 2015 Finance Blogger of the Year award. The award was won by Aya Laraya for Pesos and Sense.

The blog must be:

  • Created by a Filipino or a foreigner who encourages financial wellness of Filipinos
  • Entertaining and friendly, giving the reader a real sense of the human behind it and their personality
  • Well-written and informative, with clear and relevant information about personal finance
  • Visually pleasing and appealing
  • Up-to-date and consistent with good images to help tell the article
  • Have a good following in the social media

        b. Influential Author of the Year


The Influential Author of the Year nominees for 2015. The glass trophy went to Dean Pax Lapid and Bo Sanchez.

The author must be:

  • Able to explain or describe his particular topic on personal finance or investing clearly and accurately
  • Writing style is engaging and informative to readers
  • Can influence readers to go straight out into improving their finances and behavior towards money
  • The author has released books on personal finance in the past 3 years.
  • Have a good following in the social media

c. Institution of the Year


The nominees for the 2015 Institution of the Year Award that was won by Sun Life Financial (Philippines)

The institution must be:

  • Provides customers and potential customers with a wealth of educational materials
  • Delivers information, tools, and services geared to helping customers make the best financial choices
  • Provides young Filipinos with information and tools to understand the importance of money management at an early age
  • Helps improve the financial literacy of Filipinos as a whole

              d. Advocacy Group/Partner of the Year


The 2015 Advocacy Group of the Year nominees. The award went to Traders Apprentice Pilipinas (TAP)

The advocacy group or advocacy partner:

  • Must have earned the respect of peer organizations and the communities it serves
  • Inspires Filipino individuals participating in its programs to learn
  • Utilizes quality financial literacy education materials in engaging with its members or subscribers
  • Commits itself to the ongoing professional development of its financial literacy educators


e. OFW Advocate of the Year


The OFW or expat Pinoy advocate:

  • Creates a vision or a path to financial success for fellow OFW’s and expatriate Filipinos and demonstrates how to achieve it;
  • Motivates and inspires fellow OFWs and expat Filipinos to apply their newly acquired personal finance knowledge and work on their potentials in order to achieve success;
  • Sets a consistent high personal standard of integrity and leads fellow OFWs and expatriate Filipinos by example; and
  • Inspires a high level of commitment from others in advancing and spreading financial literacy advocacy to benefit his fellow OFW and expatriate Filipino heroes.


The judging panel will be made up of educators from the academe, business experts, either advisors, trainers, auditors or accountants from auditing firms.

Once the voting process is closed, our judging panel will meet to go through the entries. The panel will then make their decision based on the applications.

AWARDS CEREMONIES at the 1st Angat Pilipinas Awards

5:00PM – 6:00PM Registration

6:00PM – 6:10PM Official Inauguration Opening (Announcer)

6:11PM – 6:20PM National Anthem/Pasasalamat na Panalangin (Joey Ayala)

6:21PM – 6:25PM Presentation of Guest Speakers (Guest Host Edric Mendoza)

6:26PM – 6:40PM Guest Speakers (Bo Sanchez and Randell Tiongson)

6:41PM – 7:00PM Keynote Speaker (Senator Bam Aquino)

7:01PM – 7:05PM Presentation of Board, panel of Judges, and lead volunteers

7:06PM – 7:10PM Blogger of the Year Award Presentation (Nominees and Winner) – presented by APC President Carmi Cristobal and

7:11PM – 7:15PM Blogger of the Year winner speech

7:16PM – 7:20PM Hosts (Mentioning of Sponsors/Donors)

7:21PM – 7:30PM Guest Artist (Darryl Shy)

7:31PM – 7:35PM Influential Author of the Year Award Presentation (Nominees and Winner) – presented by APC Executive Director Major Badong Dee and actress/beauty queen/DJ/news anchor Ms. Joyce Burton-Titular.

7:36PM – 7:40PM Author of the Year winner speech

7:41PM – 7:45PM Hosts (Mentioning of Sponsors/Donors)

7:46PM – 7:55PM Guest Artist Performance (Nityalila)

7:56PM – 8:00PM Hosts (Mentioning of Sponsors/Donors)

8:01PM – 8:05PM OFW Advocate of the Year Award Presentation (Nominees and Winner) – presented by Mr. EntrepChamp Paulo Tibig and APC Artists’ Missions Director Ann Angala-Shy

8:06PM – 8:10PM OFW Advocate of the Year winner speech

8:11PM – 8:15PM Hosts (Mentioning of Sponsors/Donors)

8:16PM – 8:20PM Advocacy Group/Partner of the Year Award Presentation (Nominees and Winner) – presented by APC’s Artist’s Mission Director Des Feliciano and Mr. Jao Mapa

8:21PM – 8:25PM Advocacy Group/Partner of the Year winner speech

8:26PM – 8:30PM Hosts (Mentioning of Sponsors/Donors)

8:31PM – 8:40PM Recognition of AngatPH Volunteer Mentors and past Seminar Speakers/People’s Choice Awardees

8:41PM – 8:50PM Hosts (Mentioning of Sponsors/Donors)

8:51PM – 9:00PM Guest Artist Performance (Kooky Tuason group)

9:01PM – 9:05PM Institution of the Year Award Presentation (Nominees and Winner) – presented by APC Chairman Burn Gutierrez and Ms. Miriam Quiambao

9:06PM – 9:10PM Institution of the Year Award winner speech

9:11PM – 9:15PM Announcer to call on final guest performer

9:16PM – 9:25PM Guest Artist Performance (Daryl Shy and Vinyard)

9:26PM – 9:30PM Hosts (Mentioning of Sponsors/Donors)

9:31PM – 9:40PM Photoshoot on Stage for winners, finalists, guests and volunteers

9:41PM – 10:00PM Networking and Egress


If you have any questions or comments about the awards, please let us know by leaving a comment in this page or email us from Contact Us page.

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    • How can we vote? Puro nominate lng po walang vote?

      • Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy

        Hi Riza. There will be a voting phase after the nomination phase. At this point, we are just gathering the potential candidates for the awards. So your nominations count a lot.

    • Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy

      Hi Ras. You can vote one award category using one account or email address.

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    I respectfully nominate Dennis Sy for most influential author of the year.

  21. How to vote? Because everytime I click the button ‘Vote’ it says “PLS CHOOSE A VALID POLL OF ANSWER”?

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