Angat Pilipinas Desert Convention 2015 (KSA)


What is this Convention about?

The Angat Pilipinas Desert Convention is the biggest, widest and first ever simultaneous financial literacy seminars that will take place in four of the biggest cities in Saudi Arabia.

What will you learn from this seminar?

At the end of this seminar/convetion, you are expected to have a concrete list of tasks and effective tools that can immediately get you started in improving your finances and investing for your goals.

The seminar will be composed of these lessons:

1. Setting financial goals.
2. Reducing and eliminating bad debts
3. Saving and building an emergency fund
4. Protecting your assets and your family financially
5. Increasing income actively and passively
6. Introduction to investments and business
7. How to start investing in financial instruments (pooled funds and stocks)
8. Giving back and paying forward
9. Identifying, avoiding and fighting investment scams

How much is this seminar? How to register?

The price of this seminar is SAR20.

You can pay SAR20 at the respective registration desks at the venues.

Who will be the beneficiaries of the proceeds of this seminar?

Angat Pilipinas Coalition’s mission arm for youth financial literacy, Financial Literacy for the Youth (FLY), conducts monthly workshops for teachers and students both in Philippine public schools, struggling private learning institutions, and poor communities.

It will be used to purchase or publish personal finance books authored by Angat Pilipinas volunteers themselves to be donated to students, parents, and teachers. Part of the proceeds will also be used to defray the expenses of our volunteers in bringing financial education to schools and poor barangays.



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