AngatPH Volunteer Feature of the Week: Rouselle Kristina Serrano

Starting this Valentine’s Weekend 2015, we will be featuring a volunteer of Angat Pilipinas every weekend. This is to honor our silent and selfless volunteers who have been contributing to the cause of financial literacy among Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad.

For this first outing, we will be featuring one of AngatPH’s charming volunteers, Rouselle Kristina Serrano.

AngatPH: Who is Rouselle? Can you tell us more about yourself?
Rouselle: I am the third among eight children. Loves to read although nowadays, does not seem to have enough time to do so. A late bloomer. Thinks a lot before deciding. Learns from others in order to avoid committing the same mistakes. Enthusiastic to learn new skills and knowledge. Dreams of seeing parents and siblings settled before starting her very own. Loves music and the arts and loves to travel. Dreams of having enough and being able to live a healthy, comfortable life without the need to be away from family. Greatest dream — to be able to follow God’s plan for me and to help others.

AngatPH: What do you do for a living?
Rouselle: I am a registered nurse in the Philippines who currently works as a cabin crew with Saudi Arabian Airlines.


AngatPH: When did you start to realize the importance of being a good steward of financial blessings and financial literacy as a whole?
Rouselle: I recognized the importance of being a good steward of God’s blessing and financial literacy as a whole shortly after moving to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and started working, earning and traveling at the same time. I realized that as your income increases, so does your expenses. I saved a lot but it came to a point when the money I was sending for my family exceeded my monthly salary, which was alarming. It would not have happened if It were not my own mistake and being uneducated in terms of managing funds. Our parents raised us withthe right heart but unfortunately, we were naive when it comes properly handling finances like many of us. I then studied on my own and in the past 3 years I was able to build my portfolio. It’s not too late but it would have been better if I started earlier.


AngatPH: Why did you join and volunteer for Angat Pilipinas Coalition?
Rouselle: I joined and volunteered for Angat Pilipinas Coalition because it is one of the useful reads I luckily bumped into while surfing the internet. I learned invaluable knowledge like budgeting, listing my own assets and liabilties and the importance of investing for the future by volunteers who wrote on their Facebook Group and website.

I think that being equipped with proper financial management skills at a young age, preferrably during elementary or high school or at any given age is essential for one to have a chance of a better life. I believe Angat Pilipinas Coalition is a wonderful organization that helps in alleviating poverty in the Philippines through financial education of the people.

AngatPH: How do you manage your finances and how can you inspire others to become educated financially?
Rouselle: Today, I manage my funds by making use of my list of assets and liabilities. I try to live a simpler life with just the basic things I need but I also make sure not to deprive myself with the essentials and I do not forget to treat myself once in a while. I try to list my expenses and maximize my savings and put most of it in money market for me to be able to access it easily when needed and a portion to be invested in mutual funds.

I strongly advise our youth or anyone of any age to start learning now how to properly budget and invest and to practice the art of living below one’s means, prioritizing health and security over the latest gadgets or anything that is not necessary to live a decent life.

AngatPH: Any money tips for those spending for gifts this Valentine’s Day?
Rouselle: My advice to those who will be celebrating Valentines is that you do not really need to spend too much money just to show your other half how much you love them. If you do not have extra money to buy expensive gifts or to treat them unnecessary expensive dates for the time being, you can just give meaningful and inexpensive gifts instead like letters or flowers or anything that you think he/she can appreciate rather than borrowing money or running short of funds.  It does not necessarily mean that every Valentine should be spent extravagantly. You can celebrate and show your love to your partner any day everyday.

Do you want to be a volunteer and be featured here as well? Click this link and sign up now! 🙂

Here’s a sneak preview to our featured AngatPH Volunteer of the Week next weekend. He is based in Melbourne, Australia with his family. He is one of the co-founders of AngatPH and is another silent worker for the mission in his area. Watch out for him next week! 🙂



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