Financial Literacy for the YOUTH – Teksquad Information School Malolos Bulacan



Volunteers of Angat Pilipinas with the students, teachers and parents of Teksquad Institute of Malolos

By: Conrado Buncab

It was one fine Saturday afternoon wherein selfless volunteers of Angat Pilipinas conduct Financial Literacy Seminar with the students of Teksquad Information School with their parents and faculty.  Glad that Teksquad faculty are very much willing to help their students as well as their parents and their own faculty to be financially literate.  There are lot of realizations struck within me, here are the following excerpt from the talks of selfless volunteers of Angat;

  • Positive Mindset – the most powerful asset we have is our Mind that if trained well it can create enormous wealth, to embrace change so we can have a millionaire mindset and believing that pain and challenges leads to gain
  • Budgeting – proper handling of our money is very important in order to create a savings plan. Tracking how you spend, save and invest your resources will determine the direction of your future.   In order to have a meaningful budgeting we must first think and write our goals/dreams with specific target date to achieve it.  Monitor your cash flows and finding ways how if cash flows is not enough with your expenses.
  • Savings – that the formula should be SALARY-SAVINGS=EXPENSES. Discipline is the key and to make a habit of saving money to reach your financial goal.  Building your Emergency Fund is a MUST.
  • Investing – investment is for everybody, anybody can start with a minimum start up. There are lot of ways and choices in investing but it depends on your personality type and goals.  Investing is putting your money to work.
  • Financial Stewardship – Money is not ours, give freely and become wealthier. Be generous.

Financial education is very important to every Filipino, if all Filipinos will be financially literate there will be no victims of SCAMS, if all Filipinos will start NOW to invest we can help our country to prosper. I salute the mission of Angat Pilipinas to teach more people especially the youth so that they may be aware on how to handle their finances, save and invest will make a big difference to our country.

Special thanks to Prulife UK for sponsoring the notebooks and dvds given to the students and teachers.


Students of Teksquad Institute of Malolos



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