How To Become Dirham-Wiser and Peso-Wealthier

This coming March 23 and 24, OFW UsapangPiso-Dubai‘s partner and guide in our financial literacy advocacy, Randell Tiongson, will once more grace our educational event for our OFW’sin Dubai and the rest of theUnited Arab Emirates (UAE).For two nights, Randell will discuss about how to take care of your income in UAE based on a systematic approach and how to invest them to achieve your financial goals.

Payment should be made prior to the seminar dates by depositing or transferring your payment to the account of Ms. Normilla Pascua.

IMPORTANT: You may transfer through the ATM so you won’t have to pay for the charges but you should send us the scanned copy of the transaction receipt via the email addresses indicated in the poster.


Early bird rates shall apply. Please see the bank details below.
Ms. Normilla Pascua’s bank is DUBAI ISLAMIC BANK.


Be Dirham-Wiser and Peso-Wealthier! Book your slots now!



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