Key Take Aways from the recent ICON 2015 at SMX Moa

ICON 2015The ICON 2015 conference is a complete package for those who want to know about personal finance, investments, and market updates locally and globally. Not only you will learn directly from the speakers/authors themselves, you will get to talk and take a picture with them. You think they are all serious people? Oh they are not! They crack the funny side of them so pretty cool.

The volunteers of Angat Pilipinas, a selfless organization that helps provide practical financial education to different sectors of the world has always been blessed to receive complimentary tickets to attend ICON to learn and spread the word courtesy of Mr. Randell Tiongson.

So, without further ado, let me share to you the key take aways I learned from ICON 2015.

Things to consider when investing by Randell Tiongson

  1. Goal
  2. Time Frame
  3. Risk Tolerance
  4. Diversify
  5. No such thing as “best investments”, an investment must suit to your personal profile.

Top 3 reasons why entrepreneurs & investors fail by Chinkee Tan

  1. Lack of Knowledge  – “Knowledge is money, money is knowledge”
  2. Fear
    • fear of losing money
    • fear of what other people will say
  1. Greed

Two rules if you want to consider entering MLM 

  1. There should be an immediate exchange of products
  2. Think as if you are the last customer

Four things to consider in stocks investing by Marvin Germo

  1. What kind of investor are you? (trader/investor)
  2. Look at the economy
  3. Is it a good time to buy  – check p/e ratio
  4. Look at the price action

Things you should invest by Francis Kong 

  1. Invest in yourself – attend trainings/seminars/courses that will add value to you.
  2. Invest in good friends – they are the persons who can bring out the best or worst in you.
  3. Invest in culture and adventure – experience is always the best teacher.
  4. Invest in your family at all times – they are the reason you are striving to be the best.
  5. Invest in spirituality – remember everything we have all comes from God.

These are the key things I remember and took down notes, however those detailed information are already with Angat Pilipinas volunteer’s hearts and will be ready to share with our upcoming missions. 

Angat PH volunteers with Randell Tiongson

Angat PH volunteers with Randell Tiongson





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