Our History and Mission Timeline

October 2009
Angat Pilipinas Coalition started as AngatBayan Friendster and Yahoo groups, where members discussed tips and suggestions on where to keep and grow money as professionals. The online discussion group was created as a result of the 2009 onslaught of typhoon Ondoy when the founding members themselves were affected and thus wanted to learn about having enough cash to prepare for impending natural calamities. The Yahoogroup was also inspired by the articles of Bo Sanchez and the wealth-building ideas from the books of Francisco Colayco.

November 2009
The first organized seminar-cum-coaching session of AngatBayan was held at the second floor of McDonald’s El Pueblo sometime in November 2009. It was attended by around 20 individuals coming from the retail, BPO, and academe industries with an invited friend and representative from Chinatrust Bank as speaker who discussed about high-yield time deposit and other investment products. Tips about saving and delayed gratification was also discussed by founding member Burn Gutierrez to attendees.

April 2010
When Facebook groups started to gain popularity, the Yahoo and Friendster groups of AngatBayan went inactive. The founding member Burn Gutierrez decided to migrate to the Middle East with his family in 2010. Having been a TrulyRichClub member, he continued educating officemates in Saudi Arabia about personal finance and investing in the stock market. A bi-monthly coaching session was a regular event.

May 2011
Started an online discussion and financial information forum for OFW’s called OFW-UsapangPiso (Investment-Business-Financial Planning Forum for Pinoys Abroad) via the domain name http://ofw-usapangpiso.com.

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August 2011
The pioneers of OFW UsapangPiso Forum decided to register a non-profit organization in the Philippine SEC as Pinoymundobiz, Inc. in order to seal the legality of its financial literacy events and activities. However, the physical distance between pioneers based in the Philippines and those who are based in the Middle East, Singapore, Bermuda, Italy, and the U.S. prevented the completion of the group’s registration as a formal organization. However, seminars, events, webinars, and other activities were continuously held in the Philippines and in different countries.

September 2012
The group’s first overseas-based seminar was held inside the humble home of Siegfried and Leonor Ras in Singapore during Yno’s (Leonor) birthday itself. It was attended by members of the OFW UsapangPiso Forum based in Singapore. The main speaker and coach was Mr. Randell Tiongson, a known personal finance author and motivational speaker in the Philippines, and Mr. Jess Uy, a wealth advocate based in Singapore.

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November 2012
The pioneer members and administrators of OFW UsapangPiso Forum decided to expand its advocacy and focused on few sectors of the society such as the teachers, students, parents, armed forces, artists, musicians, home employees, and overseas-based Filipinos.

The Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy became the new brand of the financial literacy advocacy of the group.

January 2013-May 2014
Angat Pilipinas Coalition has found its identity in the financial literacy mission circles as being the first non-profit organization that aims to educate the teachers on the fundamentals of personal finance as well as teach children to become future wise financial decision-makers by designing level-based learning modules.

The year 2013-2014 has been a banner year for Angat Pilipinas for having a consistent monthly financial literacy event inside and outside the Philippines.

June 2014December 2014
Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy, Inc. was registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-profit, non-stock financial literacy organization.

Plans and proposals for various activities that will put financial literacy as a way of life among Filipinos were conceived. Among those planned to take place starting 2015 were the 1st Angat Pilipinas Financial Literacy Awards, the AngatPH Cooperative, AngatPilipinas Trainers’ Camp, and the monthly coaching sessions and seminars around the Philippines and the world.

January 2015 – present

A revitalized Angat Pilipinas Coalition saw the influx of dedicated volunteers from different parts of the country and OFW’s from abroad.

The much anticipated 1st Angat Pilipinas Financial Literacy Awards is set to take place on April 16, 2015.


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