Usapang Stock Smarts in Lucena City

by Carmi Irene Revilla-CristobalOur mission to promote financial literacy should not end in the Metro. We headed south and reached the thriving city of Lucena last May 24, 2014. This project of Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy, Inc. (APCFL,Inc.) is in partnership with the spirited and indefatigable stock market expert Marvin Germo.

The seminar’s aim was to educate the people of Lucena City about the basics of stock market investing. However, there goes the challenging question – how can you ask people to attend this seminar if they don’t have any idea about the stock market? I have to admit it was a rather difficult proposition. We have to bear the constant resistance of our invites. We were even asked “Networking ba yan?”.

It was really a harsh reality that people get scammed for their hard earned money to put in an investment that will blow their money away. There goes the hardest part, on how we can convince the people that this is not networking that this is for their own good and that they will realize they are lucky enough that we have brought this seminar to their area.

But that didn’t stop us, it even strengthened us to make this happen. We encouraged them through social media networks, phone calls, sms, – day by day. Till our hard efforts made it to the eyes of those who are interested in learning about the stock market, moreover some sponsors have generously shared their money too just so this event will push through.

On top of the confirmed number of attendees, we even managed to sponsor 3 students as our beneficiary for this financial literacy mission.

The Seminar Proper 

Marvin explained the basics of stocks, how the stock market behaves, and how people can earn in stocks market investing. He mentioned that stock market is affected by supply and demand factors. The higher the demand, the higher the price goes up. The same is true if the demand is low, bargains are everywhere.

He mentioned that it is important to know the supply and demand principle prior to buying a stock. Best bet is buy those companies that have large amount of cash.

Below illustrations were some of the recommended companies to buy as they are consumption drive.

blog 2
We have also learned that the Philippine index (PSEi) can serve as our bench mark to know if our portfolio are on the right position. That we always remember, “Buy Low Sell High” and that there will be two sides to every transaction – Buyer and Seller. Both these should match in order to actualize the transactions. It was emphasized that owning a piece of any of the corporations can be the same as the cost of your dinner in a fancy restaurant. It is a matter of discipline too to be able to maximize the gains.

He has passionately shared that stock market is never a scam, but rather as a tool that will make your money work for you. The Audience As the seminar goes along, I noticed the increased enthusiasm from the audience about stock market. They we’re very keen on understanding what every word Marvin has to say. I can sense that no one wanted to go out and miss every single powerful tip. We even asked the audience if they would want a quick break and they responded “Tuloy na yan”.

Some were diligently taking notes and pauses once in a while to ask valuable questions that they seem not to quickly understand. One would tell, “Sana hindi na matapos ang seminar -more time pa please.” This made me think, people really are hungry for financial education but just don’t know who and where to go to.

Biblical Finance 

We have invited Pastor Ephraim and Nathanel Alviar to bless the food and give a quick talk about biblical finance. He emphasized that wealth is a blessing from God that we also should know how to return the favor. That we also should invest in the riches in heaven.

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The writer (2nd from right) and bestfriends together with Marvin Germo


After the seminar proper, we had a question and answer portion and they we’re too many that we ran out of time to handle. One question raised, “What can you say about big companies like Petron and San Miguel, are they good to invest in?” Marvin responds “These are great companies, but I prefer companies that has more liquid cash like Jollibee and PLDT.”

I personally asked one participant too, how was it? He says, “Good job, successful event”.

Below are some gathered feedbacks from other audience via email.

“More seminars please!”
“More time sa q&a”
“Will definitely recommend this seminar to a friend.”

At one point, I am glad that this seminar happened in my own home town. Kudos to my APCFL, Inc. team especially to Burn Gutierrez who pushed me to get this done. And to my best friends Liza and Bernadette together with her husband Jayr for helping me make this happen.

Till our next project, as we unfold the way to financial freedom. Let’s not just invest in material things but also knowledge. This will be our great tool towards success.

Carmi is Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy’s NCR and Southern Tagalog Regional Director for Educational Services. Apart from being a sweety Mommy to her daughter Summer and , loving wife to husband Tristan (who’s an OFW), she is also an investor, young entrepreneur, events and wedding organizer, professional make up artist, financial literacy advocate especially for OFW. Carmi dreams that someday being an OFW will only be a want not a need.




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